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Uber decries ‘conspiracy theory’, ‘I didn’t even meet my potential employers’ and more

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At car secrets trial, Uber decries \'conspiracy theory\', Waymo says Uber cheatsAt car secrets trial, Uber decries ‘conspiracy theory’, Waymo says Uber cheats

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Uber [UBER.UL] was either a cheating competitor willing to break the law to win the race to develop self-driving cars, or the victim of an unproven conspiracy theory stitched together by its main rival, Waymo, jurors heard in opening statements of a trade secrets trial […]


‘I didn’t even meet my potential employers’‘I didn’t even meet my potential employers’

As companies rely more on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to find the right job candidates, is recruitment in danger of losing that personal touch? Peter Lane, a 21-year-old who graduated last summer from Cardiff University with a degree in History, is hoping to get into business consulting. He’s applied for 55 jobs and secured around 15 interviews, but believes technology has hindered rather than helped his search. The interviews weren’t what he was expecting.

“They were all video-based screening interviews – I didn’t even meet my potential employers,” Peter tells the BBC.

“There was no way to tell if I’d impressed them with my answers or experience as there was no human interaction.”

“Only 10% of potential employers have given me detailed feedback,” he says. “As jobseekers, we need to know where and how we can improve – whether that’s with our CVs, job experience or even personality.”

Singapore Airshow: Asia aviation in five chartsSingapore Airshow: Asia aviation in five charts

Asia’s airlines have more new planes on order than anyone else. Its airports are some of the fastest-growing in the world. And the region is also home to the most popular aircraft journey on the planet. With Asia’s largest air show taking place in Singapore, we’ve been taking a look at the region’s aviation industry. Asia is the world’s dominant region for air travel. Of all the passengers which airlines carried globally in 2016, 35% flew on Asian carriers. And that market share is going to grow. Every year, tens of millions of Chinese travellers choose to take an aeroplane for the first time.

Airline body IATA forecasts China will comfortably overtake the US in the next two decades to become the biggest aviation market. While there were about 537 million passenger journeys in 2016, that’s predicted to hit 1.46 billion by 2036.

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