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Compare 9 paid media campaign management tools and more

  • Posted by: Digital Marketing Tactic Team

Compare 9 paid media campaign management toolsThe paid media marketing landscape has become increasingly complex, as the speed of search engine algorithms and development changes accelerates and marketers demand more integrated channel capabilities. Automating paid media campaign management through an enterprise platform can improve efficiency and productivity. MarTech Today’s “Enterprise Paid Media Campaign Management Platforms: […]

MarTech Today’s “Enterprise Paid Media Campaign Management Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide” examines the market for paid media campaign management platforms and the considerations involved in implementation. The 54-page report also includes profiles of nine leading vendors, pricing charts, capabilities comparisons and recommended steps for evaluating and purchasing.

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The true impact of conversion rate optimization and why it matters to you

The true impact of conversion rate optimization and why it matters to youIn a world with a dizzying number of acronyms and abbreviations, you might be tempted to think: “Do I really need to know about CRO?”

I’m here to tell you that, yes, yes you do. Now. Let me make it less painful for you by spelling it out: Conversion Rate Optimization. It’s all about increasing the number of site visitors who complete a site goal, like a purchase or a sign-up. For all the advice I could give about running the best display campaigns, for every piece of automation you might implement to improve your paid search activity (we also do a lot of that), generating extra traffic is meaningless if your site isn’t up to scratch. If a website doesn’t match expectations or engage your users then, no matter how stunning your sequential ad messaging is up to this point, your traffic will bounce, maybe never to return.

What can CRO do for your business?

There are three key areas for uplift in CRO activity:

AI in action

AI in actionMarketers’ jobs have never been more complex. They have to juggle vendors, evaluate complicated technology, and draw insights from reams of data, all while meeting skyrocketing customer expectations.

But artificial intelligence is changing the equation, helping marketers make sense of a deluge of information and effortlessly execute more effective campaigns.

4 ways any company can use Watson Marketing.

Watson Marketing’s suite of AI-powered solutions is designed to give marketers the tools to make smarter, data-driven decisions and design the perfect experience for every customer, without the need to hire a team of data scientists. Following are four fictional scenarios that show how Watson Marketing can help companies across industries reshape work, campaigns, and results — use cases that any marketer can apply to their business.

How to Use Event Tracking in Facebook Analytics: Event Source Groups

How to Use Event Tracking in Facebook Analytics: Event Source GroupsWant to better understand how your customers interact with your online channels? Have you considered using Facebook Analytics event source groups to find out?

In this article, you’ll learn how to set up event tracking and use event source groups in Facebook Analytics to analyze customer behaviors.

Grammarly tops YouTube’s TrueView for Action 2018 leaderboard

Grammarly tops YouTube’s TrueView for Action 2018 leaderboardYouTube has released the top ten TruView for Action ads in 2018, with Grammarly’s “Enhance Your Writing” 60-second spot coming in at the top. The year-end ad leaderboard focused only on the direct-response ad format, a shift from YouTube’s usual annual list ranking the top trending video ads overall.

Why you should care

YouTube’s focus on its TrueView for Action ad format is a nod to its focus on attracting more performance advertisers. TrueView for Action ads officially launched in March. They feature a customized call to action that appears below the video on mobile, or alongside the video player while an ad plays on desktop. The ads can be coupled with custom intent audiences to reach people based on their recent search history.

Facebook missteps highlight what happens when you can’t trust platform metrics

Facebook missteps highlight what happens when you can’t trust platform metricsFacebook has a history of miscalculating video ad metrics. In 2016, the company admitted it had been overstating the average duration of a video view time. The following year, it acknowledged over-charging advertisers for clicks on link-based mobile video carousel ads. As recently as October, Facebook video ad counts made the news again when a small group of advertisers accused the company in a class-action lawsuit of inflating video ad metrics by as much as 900 percent — and keeping the error under wraps for more than a year.

While advertisers’ trust in Facebook video ad numbers is arguably tenuous at best, the scenario makes it clear that having to rely on any platform-native performance metrics comes with its own challenges — from gauging the success of a campaign to making sure ad dollars are being spent efficiently and accurately.

Get your sneak peek at the MarTech agenda

Get your sneak peek at the MarTech agendaSenior-level marketers at the intersection of marketing, technology, and management are coming to MarTech® January 30-31, 2019 in San Jose for proven strategies from real-world experts. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • “NextGen Marketing: How Artificial Intelligence Is Accelerating Marketing Performance” with Brian Kardon, Fuze
  • “Maximize Efficiency and Scalability with the Right Team Structure, Data and Stack” with Kelly Horton, Brian Donaldson, and Chris Borkenhagen all representing Docker
  • “When Stacks Collide: Rationalizing the Marketing Stack in a Merger & Acquisition Environment” with Sheryl Shultz, CabinetM, Justin Sharaf, LogMeIn, and Zack Alves, Plantronics

Marketo announces new entry-level certification for marketers

Marketo announces new entry-level certification for marketersMarketing automation platform Marketo, now owned by Adobe, is out with a new credential: Marketo Certified Associate.

What it is. The entry-level certification is intended to show that the recipient has a basic understanding of marketing automation, general marketing concepts and basic email automation on the platform, thus providing evidence of Marketo skills to the holder’s employer or potential employer.

How to obtain certification. To obtain this new recognition, a candidate must pass an exam of about five dozen questions that assess skills and knowledge about utilizing marketing tools on the platform, such as managing email sending and personalization, A/B testing, and creating basic forms and landing pages.

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