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Dead easy restaurant marketing to increase popularity and revenue

  • Posted by: Digital Marketing Tactic Team

How to market your restaurant to increase its popularity and revenueIn our business we have many clients but 4-5 main core niches that approach us time and time again. So here is some advise for those that are looking for some restaurant marketing ideas. You can also download an excellent case study we have created based on real client results for restaurant marketing. 

Let’s have a look at how we can market a restaurant to increase its popularity, as this will translate to a higher number of customers and finally lead to an increase in sales.

Most restaurants fail to give attention to the importance of marketing their products because they assume that this act is only for big business who have money to spare. These restaurants assume that cooking good smelling and tasting food is enough to attract customers to their restaurant which is wrong.  It is highly advisable to incorporate marketing as one of the strategies to keep your business above the competition and to grow your client base.


Local marketing is all about creating a platform for your business to have high search visibility to many potential customers in the community. No matter the size of your business, going local with marketing will help your business to grow and attract more customers.  Using local SEO as a marketing tactic for your restaurant will help in promoting your restaurant products and services to the local community online which will lead to the high generation of income and also high confidence from the local community.


  • By localizing the SEO strategies, you will make your restaurant stand at a better position to potential customers especially when using the search engine and other digitalized marketing platforms.
  • As the restaurant owner, you will benefit because your restaurant brand will improve significantly.
  • You will also build confidence in your customers.


Restaurant owners face several severe problems while trying to market their business successfully.

  • Extra cost

One of the challenges is incurring some extra cost. The owner of the restaurant or the person heading the marketing department must be ready to incur some extra cost in their quest of gaining a larger customer base and popularity. That is where a company that specializes in local marketing is vital. Once you know what your strategy is you can shop for products that fit those needs.

  • Negativity from competitors

Many competitors do not want your business to prosper, and for this reason, they will do anything in their power to tarnish your restaurant name in public. As a restaurant, you will need to have strategies in place which will enable you to cope positively with competitors and rise entirely above the competition.

  • Unskilled marketers

Your restaurant can suffer most in cases where the marketers on the ground do not do their jobs well. Marketers will help you gain real popularity or gain negative popularity. To avoid negative popularity created by your marketers, you should train them on how to communicate with the customers and how to address issues from customers to build a strong brand for the restaurant.



Go social

In this era where advanced technology is the order of the day, many people have gracefully embraced social media platforms, and others are even making money out of them. Every day we get different people posting different delicacies online in the quest to promote their businesses.

In view of this, social media is a valuable tool that you need to incorporate in your business.  Some of the social media platforms you can use to promote your business include Instagram, which is one of the primary social media tools which trends very fast, in short, many people regard Instagram as the king of social media marketing strategy.

Another social media strategy Facebook which comes in the second place so we can qualify to call it the queen of social media marketing and other social media tools like what.

The primary object of going the social media way is posting all your top-ranked food photographs and video clips. This way, you will attract a massive following on social media who will always be interested in tasting your food and being your lifetime customers.

Create a website

A website will help you reach out to potential customers on a global platform. The reason behind this is the fact that with a website in place, it will be almost the same as setting up a restaurant in every part of the world.  This is one of the best marketing tools brought about by advanced technology.

Immediately you create your website; you will be in a position to interact with different customers globally. If you have many customers visiting your website page, your traffic will increase which will make more visitors find you on top] of the list when searching for the best restaurants. This way, you will make your business trade on a global platform which is highly competitive.

This will create more opportunities for your restaurant and lead to the attraction of a large market of customers. Creating a website takes little time, and if you do not have the knowledge of how you can create one, you can always hire a professional website creator, and you will be good to go with your restaurant.

Create a loyalty program

Creating a loyalty program has for many years proven to be one of the best marketing strategies of promoting a business. The reason behind this is the fact that customers are willing always to buy their products in your business when they are assured of getting price discounts.

Loyalty programs work by giving discounts or giving extra products to customers who continuously return to your restaurant. This move encourages customers to remain loyal to your restaurant to get accredited under the customer loyalty program. This is the best marketing strategy especially if your restaurant is new and you want to grow your customer base.

Always get involved in almost all events happening locally

You need always to show people around you that you will always be available anytime they want your services. This move works best especially if your restaurant is new or if your restaurant is small scale.

By showing up in every event that happens locally, people will familiarize with your restaurant and try seeking out where the restaurant is located and also want to try out your food. Showing up in almost all events happening in your area will also help to build confidence in potential customers by showing that you will always be there for them and they will gladly choose to always eat in your restaurant over their past favorite eating joints.

Make partnerships with other like-minded businesses

Making business partnerships with like-minded business around you can help promote your business in a big way. In that case, if your restaurants, is located in a place near a fashion and beauty shop, you could comfortably ask your restaurant customers to buy beauty products to that shop and customers who buy beauty products in the other shop be encouraged to eat at your restaurant once they are done shopping. This move will significantly help in marketing your restaurant foods and other products while at the same time making sure that your partner’s business also thrives.

Make partnerships with the delivery services

If you want customers to trust your products or food from your restaurant and stay loyal to the business, you must always make sure that you always deliver what they need on time. For this reason, immediately you have made your business go online, you should partner with people who offer delivery services.

When reaching out for the delivery service people, always make sure that you have consulted many of them to choose the one with the friendly price because you need to make profits in your restaurant. Make sure that delivery service providers are always there whenever you need their services.

Offer discounts in your restaurant

Customers always want to associate with businesses which provide the best products to them at a relatively low cost. To make your restaurant grow significantly, make sure that you some discounted offers like you can advertise your pricing and state that if any customer buys a certain amount of food, they automatically get 10% discount on the price.

These will encourage new customers to have meals in your restaurant and at the same time help to maintain the existing customers as they will manage to save a lot when they eat in your restaurant.

Use of online reservation tools

Online reservation tools make customers feel like they are part of your business. This is because through using this marketing tool, you will allow your customers to book their reservations for your restaurant online. This is more of an open table booking.

This makes your restaurant customers feel loyal to your business because they are always assured that they do not have to put a lot of efforts visiting the location of your restaurant physically, they make their bookings easily online.

Use of Mobile Ads

Research recently conducted revealed that more than half of the paid to clicks ads from Google comes from mobile phones. This means that many businesses have come into the realization that marketing can be done through posting mobile ads.

These ads pop up in our mobile phones whenever we want to online. Immediately you click any ad using your mobile phone, you successfully promote the business indirectly. This means that business having more mobile ads click will attract a higher conversation rate. Restaurants can use this type of marketing to promote their business successfully.

Use of fishbowl business card giveaways

In your restaurant, you should include a section where your customers will drop their business cards in a bowling machine for a raffle. When the raffle is done, and one business card is selected, the winning customer is given a discount in the restaurant where the restaurant owner can decide to provide the customer like a free lunch meal with five of her friends.

This will make your customers happy with your restaurant services, and they will, in turn, become loyal to the restaurant so that they can always try to play the raffle game and see if they can win. This will also contribute significantly to the attraction of new customers to your restaurant which will lead to an increase in the customer base.

Learn to source your food ingredients locally

Most customers believe that food ingredients sourced locally are the best natural ingredients to eat. For you to get your food ingredients locally, you have to go an extra mile in searching for the best producers especially the ones who grow their foodstuffs naturally free from any chemicals. This will increase your customer base because they will trust the food you cook in your restaurant, and this will also contribute to the positive reputation of your restaurant.

Make use of google places Ads

This is one of the best google Ad you can have for your restaurant. Through the google places, customers will easily find the right direction to your restaurant, the restaurant’s operating hours and the contact addresses they can use to reach you quickly.

Through the google plus ad, you will successfully market your restaurant to many people, and through this platform, your customers can leave their comments about how they were served in your restaurant and many other such kinds of comments.

Use clear online citations

When marketing your restaurant, you should include your citations like listing the services you offer in your restaurant. These kinds of citations will help your business gain popularity and get heavy traffic online.

Always upload food images that are eye-catching

To get all the attention and successfully gain more customers, you will need to post high-quality professional images about your restaurant. Customers will always get attracted by clear images but do not exaggerate the images so much to the extent that they will lose some sense of originality in them. Also, when marketing your restaurant, always use geo-tags and alt text when giving descriptions on the images that you post. Also, ensure that the images of foods you showcase when marketing your restaurant are almost the same as what the customers will find in your restaurant.

Always keep a clean reputation online

When marketing your restaurant online, you should make sure that your public relation aspect is almost perfect and every visitor who communicates to you online always has good feelings to continue conversing with you for long.

This move will help you gain a huge following online and colossal traffic as well. Always be polite to your online visitors and ensure that any information you give your visitors online is correct and accurate.

This will make you gain potential customers for your restaurant who will take the initiative of recommending your restaurant services to their friends. This way, you will have an excellent online reputation for your restaurant and increase sales by a considerable margin.

Keep a close eye on your local SEO results

Monitoring your local SEO performance of your marketing efforts is essential for the growth of your restaurant. When you monitor your SEO results, you will be in apposition to tell whether the number of visitors is increasing in your online marketing or taking a downward trend. You will also manage to identify what your customers are saying about the services you offer in your restaurant as well how the improvement areas they would love you to check. As a business person, always train your mind always to be ready for corrections from other people and always have a heart of embracing positive changes in your business.

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Post your restaurant menu online

Posting your menu online will significantly help you gain new customers. The reason for this is the fact that many people will have access to your restaurant menu and see the different types of food you cook and also, they are priced. Posting your restaurant menu will also help in potential customers compare your price ratings with other prices from another restaurant.

If they find out that you offer your food at a relatively cheaper cost than what other restaurants are offering then, they will choose to have their meals in your restaurant. Even if this is the case, you should not price your food too low because some customer will tend to think that the quality of your food is compromised with the low prices you are offering.

Understanding who your target customers are in your restaurant.

Identify your target customers in the restaurant will help in determining how well you will address their needs. Basically, for your restaurant to grow successfully and make you huge profits, you should incorporate all food for all ages in your restaurant. This move will ensure that customers of all ages visit your restaurant and have their meals there comfortably.

Maintain consistency always

While marketing your restaurant especially on online platforms, always maintain the level of consistency. You should always make sure that the restaurants name you use, the address of your restaurant and the contact information tally with all the data you have posted in other social media platforms. This move will make your customers stay loyal to your brand which will translate to strong brand creation for your restaurant.

Join the restaurant directories

This is one of the most reliable strategies to successfully market your restaurant. As a restaurant owner or as the person heading the marketing department, you should always make sure that your restaurant is listed on all the restaurant directories. This way many people will check out your restaurant’s information in the directory.

Offer superb customer services

The best way to market your restaurant is by providing the best services for your customers. Customers are the best ambassadors to spread the good news about how best your services are or the degree of your poor services. Immediately the customer is satisfied with the services you offer in your restaurant, that customer will remain loyal to the restaurant and the next 0time she or he comes, she must come with her friends.

This way, your customer base will increase and also lead to an increase in the popularity of your restaurant.  Also, make sure that if you have taken your restaurant business online, be friendly to the visitors of your website as this will increase your ratings as well as your website traffic.

GUEST WIFI for restaurantsMake use of Guest Wi-Fi

 Last but not least is guest Wi-Fi. This method ticks off the boxes for many of the points mentioned earlier. Connect, capture and keep more customers with an all-in-one Wi-Fi marketing platform, this is one tactic that is win-win for you and your customers. You can collect data from your customers and then follow up with via email, send links to grade your reputation online and send vouchers and deals. Beambox are one of the best in the UK for SMB niche and offer free month trial, free box and their prices are very competitive.

Use of local marketing for your restaurant allows it to be targeted to the local community who live near the business. Maximizing the use of local SEO will help your business is gaining a higher market base which will translate to increase in the revenue generated in your restaurant and this will also lead to excellent brand creation for your restaurant.

You should pay keen attention to your restaurant to make sure that what marketers are saying on the ground is the same as what they will find in the restaurant  they visit.

As a company we offer done for you services. But we also offer lots of free advise on our blog for those who prefer to do it themselves. Have a dig through the blog.

Author: Digital Marketing Tactic Team

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