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Self-Discipline Can help Your Business Grow

  • Posted by: Digital Marketing Tactic Team
self discipline in business

Self-discipline is an important skill every business owner wants to achieve in life. Self-discipline is essential in every aspect of life. Even though most business owners recognize the benefits of self-discipline, very few do something to reinforce and grow this beneficial skill.

In this post, you’ll discover critical facts about self-discipline in business including why self-discipline is important, common misconceptions about self-discipline, and tips and tricks for improving self-discipline in ways that flow with your personality and lifestyle.

By the end of this post, you’ll be confident and motivated to make subtle changes in your business that can lead to big rewards over time.

Let’s dive in.


What Is Self-Discipline?

Contrary to some beliefs, self-discipline is not being harsh to yourself or living a restrictive lifestyle. Self-discipline also means self-control. It is a sign of inner strength and control of your actions and your reactions.

Self-discipline provides the power to stick to hard decisions and follow them without changing your mind. This means self-discipline is an essential requirement for achieving vital goals.

One of the main characteristics of self-discipline is the capability to reject pleasure and immediate enjoyment in favor of greater success, which is gained by spending time and effort.


Why Is Self-Discipline Important?

The possession of self-discipline helps you to continue with your plans and decisions until you achieve them. It also builds inner strength that allows you to overcome addictions, laziness, and procrastination.

Self-discipline is an essential ingredient for success. It is the ability not to give up regardless of setbacks and failures. In fact, it is an important pillar of stable, long-term success. It is a skill that will help you understand the importance of life.

Life presents problems and challenges on the path to success. To act above those challenges, you must work with determination and perseverance. Lack of self-discipline may lead to issues such as failure, relationship problems, and health issues. Just as some people have weak muscles, they can become stronger with training. It’s the same with self-discipline. You can develop and strengthen self-discipline like any other skill, through training. You can develop self-discipline at any time.


Development of self-discipline will help you:

  • Avoid carelessness.
  • Fulfill promises you make.
  • Overcome bad behaviors such as laziness and procrastination.
  • Engage in good behaviors like going to the gym, swimming, or taking a walk even when your mind tells you to stay at home.
  • Stay focused on your diet and resisting the temptation of eating unhealthy food.
  • Waking early in the morning.
  • Overcome the bad habit of watching too much television.
  • Start reading motivational books and implementing what you’ve learned.
  • Meditating regularly.


If you keep working and developing the skill, you will become stronger. On the other hand, if you do not challenge yourself in life, you will not gain self-discipline.


Common Misconceptions About Self-Discipline

Many people overrate self-discipline because they have so many misconceptions about it. Consequently, many people tend to feel intimidated by people who exhibit signs of self-discipline. These people are perceived as being serious or boring, but these perceptions are just some of the many other misconceptions about this concept. Here are three of the most common misconceptions about self-discipline.


Self-discipline is boring

For most people, it feels good to be able to do whatever one wants at any time. However, self-discipline is all about knowing what you should or should not do and employing prudence in this knowledge. As kids, most people found teachers who followed up on their activities to be boring, and the same is the case with grown-ups who lack self-discipline.

However, self-discipline is the opposite of boring. People who are self-disciplined do not necessarily live boring lives; they have fun when it is the right time to. Having fun in the right doses is not only genuinely enjoyable, but self-disciplined people find it easier to really indulge in fun because there is usually a highly likely case that they have less to-do items on their lists than those who are not.


Self-discipline is difficult

Being independent makes many people feel entitled to doing whatever they want whenever they want to. This freedom makes it seem very difficult to desist from doing something especially when there is nothing stopping you. However, many people eventually find out that it is much easier to be self-disciplined as time goes by.


Case scenario: an outgoing college student has the time of his/her life and blows his/her college money travelling and socializing, and another outgoing college student who resists the urge and clears tuition fees. The former student will have a difficult time trying to get the money to pay for college, but the latter will have a higher chance of getting a job and a reliable source of income to party occasionally. Self-discipline makes a person organized and ensures there are little uncertainties about one’s future.


Self-discipline is not for everyone

Self-discipline is not a genome that is unique to only few people; it is a practice that begins with a good judgment and decision. Anyone can be self-disciplined, and all it takes is practicing self-control in one simple aspect and observing the resulting benefits. Many people are fascinated by how much they can achieve by being self-disciplined that they take it notches higher to cover almost all aspects of their lives.

The only reason why self-discipline is overrated is because there are many misconceptions about it. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, being in self-control of one’s actions is an empowering feeling that is fun, very rewarding, and amazingly easy. Anyone can be self-disciplined; it all starts with one simple decision and being dedicated to it.


Do It Your Way: The Secret of Self-Discipline

There are certainly qualities you like about yourself, and you’re surely proud of them, since they directly contribute to your personal success and achievements. But there’s also one seemingly magic trick that could bring you self-confidence and prosperity in everything you do. That precious trick is self-discipline.

In order to achieve your fixed business goals, you must act, regardless of your present emotional, psychological or physical state. It can be hard, it can seem unreachable, but most importantly, it is possible. And it’s up to you!

Apply the knowledge, skills and experiences you gather in the realms of  business and use what you’ve learned.

And once you’ve applied that knowledge, you must study the results of that process and refine your approach.

Self-discipline is a type of behavior that can be learned through persistent practice. It is also a choice you consciously make. Therefore, to unlock the mysterious chest of self-discipline, you only need the right key.

The greatest secret for achieving this state of mind is this: persevere and forgive yourself when things don’t go according to your new plan. It is never easy to establish a whole new way of thinking. So, don’t be too hard on yourself. When you make a mistake, just move on and try your best not to repeat it. If you don’t continually move forward, unwelcome emotions will arise, like anger and frustration, and those are the main obstacles on your way.

In today’s world of technology, when you can get easily distracted by so many things, you need focus to acquire self-discipline. Try to turn off your phone for a few hours, don’t check your e-mails more than once or twice a day, or throw away the food you’re trying to avoid. These little things can really help to keep your mind focused and on-task. Ditch all the bad influences and remove possible temptations.

Realize, too, that you can take a break, just make sure it’s a short one. For example, in business, choose one day in a week to have a break; if you’re trying to save some money, spend a little bit less each time you go shopping. Strict rules that you cannot or will not follow will do you no good. Besides, you will feel refreshed and at ease when you have a day off. After that little pause, you can get back in the saddle quickly and efficiently.

Finally, don’t postpone. Do something right away! This will change your routine and habits immediately. If you must do something, do it now! Procrastination is your biggest enemy, and your discipline can completely fall apart once you start your own waiting lists.

You don’t have to sacrifice all your pleasures to achieve self-discipline. Find a balance, and keep your mind clear, with positive thoughts. Learn to forgive yourself. But still, create a plan for commitment as well as for discipline and order.

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