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Sourcing Employees For The Future Of Work

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Sourcing Employees For The Future Of Work

The future of work has never been more unclear. Recent months have seen a widespread transition to work-from-home orders and the merging of many job functions. Predicting what skills are going to be necessary for employees in the future is an arduous task. Even if one manages to identify those skills, they then have to figure out where to recruit those employees.

Fortunately, the method by which people are being trained has begun to change. A four-year college or university path is still common but something new has emerged. New and intensive schools have arisen to teach students the technical skills they need for the future job market. Coding, for example, is a growing field that has seen many preparatory schools pop up across the East and West Coasts, in cities such as San Francisco.

Finding new and high-value employees with technical skills is a process that ranges from identifying physical locations to pinpointing certain careers.

Recruit from Vocational Schools

As alluded to above, vocational schools are arguably the number one best place to find diverse and unique talent. These programs differ from a traditional four-year path by giving students the technical skills required to enter a specific career path they desire.

Some of the top vocational schools offer unique courses in fields that run the gamut from mobile developers to cybersecurity specialists. As students go through these specialized courses, they have access to industry mentorship and hands-on projects that students from traditional educational paths have a harder time receiving. This helps ensure that students graduating from vocational schools have the know-how to get tasks done correctly with little training.

Associate with Bootcamps

Not dissimilar to vocational schools, specialized bootcamps are available to anyone who has the curiosity and tenacity to explore a new field. Fortunately for companies, there are a large number of people who found themselves largely unsatisfied with their careers. In fact, Forbes found that 53 percent of Americans were unhappy with their occupations.

This number is reflected by the fact that various bootcamp schools have arisen in conjunction with vocational schools. The main difference between the two is that bootcamps are often even more specialized than vocational schools and are instituted for one specific career path. 

When it comes to the future of work, data is going to be another important aspect companies will pay attention to. Demand for data scientists will continue to grow as the importance of data analytics increases.

To find capable data scientists who can help your company grow via analytics, turning to some of the best data science bootcamps is the smartest choice. A portion of those 53 percent of Americans referenced earlier will attempt to switch careers using bootcamps such as those mentioned. Combine their prior field experience with the new and thorough knowledge they will gain and it is clear to see why recruiting from a bootcamp school, for any tech job, is the best path.

Invest in Software Engineers

As stated earlier, sourcing employees for the future of work is not just about identifying where to recruit them from. It is also about identifying which career paths have the brightest and most versatile talent. In this regard, software engineers are at the top of the list.

Becoming a software engineer requires extensive knowledge of programming and software development. These are skills that are going to see an increase in demand as technology and the workforce become even more intertwined. Software engineers are responsible for ensuring your companies online functions run smoothly and are imperative to beating out your Internet competitors.

When considering which employees to source and where to source them from, software engineers are among the most versatile. Their wide array of skills will prove relevant for any task in the developing job market.


No matter how you view the state of the workforce, it is clear that unprecedented change is occurring. As new jobs begin to form, the skills required are going to change as well. Adapting to the future of work will prove difficult without recruiting new employees who utilize a diverse range of tech skills to accomplish tasks. 

Additionally, relying solely on graduates from a traditional four-year path often results in time spent training them on what the workforce is actually like. This is something that does not occur to the same extent when sourcing employees from specialized schools. Taking the time to identify and source people with unique tech skills will help your company to thrive in the future of work.

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