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Business is Moving and Changing Culture is it for Better or Worse?

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Why are China instant noodle sales going off the boil?

Business news gives us insight into the pits and the peaks it yields on society. How well are we doing?

What Does China’s  Instant Noodle Sales Tell Us?

China remains the world’s biggest consumer of instant noodles Easy to make and cheap to buy, instant noodles have long been China’s ultimate convenience food. Be it a snack for students, a meal on the train, or just the go-to choice for hungry workers, more than 42.2 billion packets…

But by 2016 those sales had tumbled to 38.5 billion packets, according to the World Instant Noodle Association.

So what’s going on? Well here are some theories – which suggest instant noodles could be, in many ways, a great indicator of how China is changing.


Candy brothers defeat £132m damages claim

Why are China instant noodle sales going off the boil?

Property developers Nick and Christian Candy have defeated a £132m damages action in the High Court.

Mr Holyoake, whose company was also part of the action, said in a statement: “We, the claimants, are in a state of disbelief that Mr Justice Nugee has not ruled in our favour and intend to seek an appeal with immediate urgency.

“Anyone reading today’s judgement will see that there are currently no winners here.

Science Revolutionizes Scientists Lives

Why are China instant noodle sales going off the boil?Tanusree Chaudhuri, 38, was pregnant with her first child when her supervisor told her she would have to give up her dreams.

She was doing a doctorate in computational biology and aspired to improve people’s health. “Married women are expected to take care of family because without family we are nothing,” she says. “We’re not expected to want the privilege of thinking and doing research.”

So when she came across an online “virtual laboratory” enabling researchers to carry out important work from home, she jumped at the chance to get involved.

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Probe into Corruption in South Korea

A South Korean court has sentenced the 95-year-old founder of Lotte Group to four years in prison for embezzlement.His son and successor Shin Dong-bin was given a suspended 20-month prison sentence on Friday.Why are China instant noodle sales going off the boil?

The probe into one of the country’s biggest firms is part of wider efforts to stamp out corruption in South Korea.

The trial is significant because South Korea’s family-controlled conglomerates, or chaebols, used to be considered untouchable because they have powered much of the country’s economic growth.

But in recent years these firms, which also include Samsung, Hyundai and LG, have become the focus of public anger over inequality and corruption.

“For the longest time South Korea has been very lenient on chaebol leaders, because of their contribution to our economy, so a lot of them have got away with their financial crimes,” Juwon Park, business reporter with Korea Expose told the BBC.


MPs call for curbs on plastic bottles and packaging

People should pay a deposit for using plastic bottles in an attempt to protect the seas from plastic pollution, MPs say.

Why are China instant noodle sales going off the boil?The government’s Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) also wants free public drinking water fountains.And it says firms using plastic packaging should pay more for the waste they create.

It is now consulting with industry on a deposit scheme for bottles, and charges for single-use plastics.But the MPs say ministers need to review society’s relationship with plastics as a whole.They propose a sliding scale of taxes on plastic packaging. They want suppliers of hard-to-recycle complex plastics to be charged most and firms using simple easy-to-recycle packages to pay least.


Exporting Swaziland’s hand-made candles


Why are China instant noodle sales going off the boil?A Swaziland firm producing decorative hand-made candles is competing with mass-produced rivals from China, and shipping them all over the world.

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