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Why Local Businesses Will Need Websites More than Ever in 2019 and more

  • Posted by: Digital Marketing Tactic Team

Why Local Businesses Will Need Websites More than Ever in 201964% of 1,411 surveyed local business marketers agree that Google is becoming the new “homepage” for local businesses. Via Moz State of Local SEO Industry Report …but please don’t come away with the wrong storyline from this statistic. As local brands and their marketers watch Google play Trojan horse, […]

Our answer to this question is,“Yes, you’ve never needed a website more than you will in 2019.” In this post, we’ll examine:

How to Reduce Your Facebook Ad Spend With Smart Targeting

How to Reduce Your Facebook Ad Spend With Smart TargetingWant to lower your Facebook ad costs? Looking to improve your Facebook ad targeting?

In this article, you’ll discover three ways to build highly targeted Facebook audiences based on niche interests.

Facebook is one of the biggest drivers of consumer spending/purchases online. In fact, the power of Facebook for eCommerce is growing year over year. Yet 62% of small businesses say Facebook ads don’t work for them. So why are a small portion of the online advertisers scoring huge but the majority are struggling?

Do Facebook Ads Work?

Email Marketing Nightmares

Email Marketing NightmaresAre your email marketing messages working as well they used to? Then watch the Journey, Social Media Examiner’s episodic video documentary that shows you what really happens inside a growing business.

This episode of the Journey explores what happened when the Social Media Examiner team was faced with a dilemma. Delete 150,000 email subscribers or have their account shut down. Watch as they form a new plan that doesn’t rely on email.



Bing releases Clarity, an open-source UX analytics tool

Bing releases Clarity, an open-source UX analytics toolBing announced Wednesday the beta release of a new analytics product that lets webmasters see how users interact on their websites. With Clarity, site owners can replay user sessions and use the behavioral insights to optimize their sites for better conversion, engagement and retention.

The free, open-source tool collects users’ mouse movements, touch gestures and click events.

Why you should care

A bad user experience can quickly cost you a lead or sale, and it may be an indicator of a bigger problem with your website. There are many user experience analytics tools already available to help webmasters and marketers identify website pain points for users. Clarity could be a complement to those tools or be a good place to start for sites not currently using one.

6 Ways to Use IGTV for Business

6 Ways to Use IGTV for BusinessWondering how to add IGTV content to your marketing mix? Looking for creative ideas for your Instagram TV videos?

In this article, you’ll find six ways to use IGTV to grow your brand’s visibility with a new Instagram audience.


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